31 Ideas Kitchen sinks for dish-washing

Kitchen sinks for dish-washing - The sink has many functions such as a face wash. A sink is an important part that must be in the kitchen serves as a dishwasher. Nowadays, various shapes and variations of the sink are available in the shop. Then how to choose the appropriate shape of sink for your kitchen? Let’s consider the following discussion.

Sink types and design
With many functions of the sink then each application will have a different shape and design. If you choose in appropriate design of sink type then it would make a strange design on the kitchen and make its function becomes not maximal. Therefore it must be smart in choosing a sink model and if necessary ask the seller at the store that the sink you want.
Sinks as dishwasher
Here we emphasize about the sink which is useful for washing dishes in the kitchen. With a sink then you can save empty space in a small kitchen. You can just apply a minimalist sink design in the kitchen then it can work for many functions, one of the…

5 Easy Ways to Clean Glass Door and Window

Easy Ways to Clean Glass Door and WindowFirst, clean the window glass with soap mixed with vinegar Vinegar helps in cleaning the glass material. Mix 2 ml liquid soap with vinegar, 45 ml vinegar and 500 ml hot water. Then, insert it into a sprayer such as a spray bottle. Shake it for a while, after you think it is mixed perfectly enough, then spray it on your home glasses. Rub with a dry, clean and soft cloth. Then look at the result. Your glass will shining and clean perfectly.
The second one is by mixing the vinegar with water The mixing is using a ratio 1:1. It is better to use a hot water. Stirring until completely mixed. Use a sponge and then scrub the sponge into the mixture. Rub gently according to the condition of the glass. Then, immediately wipe the glass with a clean and dry cloth.

Third, clean the window glass with a mixture of water and cornstarch. We can use wheat flour for cooking. But we can also use it in cleaning the dirty house glass. Mix 45 gram maize with 125 ml water.…

20 Best Ceramic Tile for Narrow Kitchen

Best Ceramic Tile for Narrow Kitchen - Nowadays, a small kitchen becomes popular for a minimalist house. With a small kitchen it will provide an empty space that can be used for other rooms. If you have a narrow kitchen you have to think twice to decorate it. In order to make it looks more spacious. How about the kitchen flooring? What is the best kitchen tile for a narrow kitchen? Here, we will discuss about Best Ceramic Tile for Narrow Kitchen.

Patterned Ceramic Tile
There are various patterns of ceramic tiles in store. Choose a simple pattern of ceramic or it is better to choose a plain ceramic for the kitchen flooring. A plain ceramic tile will gives a spacious impression. Ceramic tiles with many motifs will make the space look smaller.

Color Tiles
The color of the ceramic tiles becomes one of the most important parts. The wrong choice will be very influential in the kitchen design. It can cause your kitchen looks messy and not organized well. Choose neutral color or clean patterned…